The Listening Program

The Listening Program is a comprehensive sound stimulation auditory therapy program which contains eight (60-minute) compact discs, an easy to read 112-page guidebook, support information, detailed listening schedules and a listening journal. Each CD contains four progressive 15 minute segments of re-arranged, specially engineered classical music and nature sounds.  The arrangements are treated with "filtration" and "audio bursting" at gradually increasing levels through the CD series.  

These techniques are the basis for the retraining process. For  adults and older children, the listening schedule is 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week, for a listening period of 20-25 hours.  Complete this powerful program in the comfort of your home, school or office.

"I tried the TLP to help me cope with my extreme sound sensitivity, and now, noise doesn't bother me as much. I feel calmer and my moods have dramatically improved!"

Are you listening to your fullest potential? 

Many of us, children and adults alike, are not "listening" to our fullest potential.  In fact, many, many people experience "listening disabilities" or "auditory disabilities" and do not realize it. 

Here is a program that could benefit anyone, but especially individuals who have difficulties in the areas of auditory perception, processing, and memory.  These weaknesses or problems in processing sound can adversely affect us in many ways including:  
 Learning foreign languages more easily
Speech production problems
Accent softening
 Monotone voice or sing/song voice
Overly sensitive to sounds
Easily distracted by sounds
 Low energy level and lack of confidence
Sleep problems
Difficulty with communication and social interactions
Vestibular problems, including balance and coordination
 Attention problems / ADHD
Difficulties processing and retaining auditory information
Difficulty following directions
Auditory processing difficulties
 Learning disabilities and dyslexia
Language problems
Reading comprehension problems
 Learning A Musical Instrument
History of ear infections or middle ear fluid
Hearing loss related difficulties

 How does the TLP help?

In children, auditory problems may be identified by speech and language problems, sensitivity to sounds, poor attention, difficulty following directions or expressing oneself, difficulty with listening comprehension as well as reading comprehension, difficulty with social interactions, or auditory self-stimulation such as constant constant humming or self-talk. 

In adults, auditory problems may manifest as difficulty retaining auditory information, poor attentiveness, sound sensitivity, or speech/language and voice concerns.  

Those with a hearing loss, an auditory stimulation program is important to aid in improving the functional use of their hearing.  So although actual hearing levels may remain the same (as indicated on an audiogram), TLP may help to train the individual's listening skills so that existing hearing may be used more efficiently.

Did you know that adults and children who have had a history of ear infections are at a higher risk for having difficulties in auditory perception?
Improving or enhancing our ability to process sound can produce specific benefits. People of all ages can be trained to process sound more effectively to overcome weaknesses or further develop listening-related abilities. 

What can I expect to see? 

The Listening Program was designed to help balance, strengthen, and/or restore our ability to listen to and process sounds across the full auditory spectrum, from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This can result in striking improvements in all areas of our lives, from academic performance to emotional balance. 
"What I first noticed was the difference in my son's speech and his ability to express himself.  His voice even changed!" 
Decades of clinical experience combined with the evolution of new technology have made important new advances possible. An unprecedented cross-disciplinary team (including professionals in neurology, psychiatry, neurodevelopment, education, speech pathology, psychoacoustics, music and sound engineering) came together to conceive and design the TLP -- the next generation of auditory stimulation technology.

Will this program help my learning and retrain auditory processing?

The Listening Program was thoroughly tested and its success was confirmed.  Then it was further refined and perfected.  It contains an unprecedented combination of the most powerful new advances in the art and science of auditory re-education. 

The principles behind the TLP are scientific.  Its protocols were fine-tuned by qualified professionals.  Its effectiveness was confirmed by the field tests that were a part of the development process.  The music on the CDs in The Listening Program was specifically performed by the world-class musicians of The Arcangelos Chamber Ensemble, and recorded (to exacting specifications) for this specific purpose.   

Nevertheless, the program is affordable and TLP can be used at home under an Authorized Providers supervision.  It puts the profound benefits of advanced auditory stimulation within the reach of countless people who could never have benefited from it before.  Complete this program in the comfort of your home, school or office. 

For more information regarding this program, please contact Dawn Collins, Certified Provider, at (518) 758-8369.  You may also want to visit the Advanced Brain Technologies webpage at

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