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O Let's Make Music!
 Therapeutic Services

Music for Healing and Transition
Vocal and/or instrumental songs/tunes to soothe or to uplift, balance energies and body rhythms, aid in pain mangement, reduce stress, and create a healing environment.  Music is provided one-on-one for the elderly, the chronically or temporarily ill, the critically ill, or the actively dying.  This is an excellent gift from the family or from a friend when wanting to express that extra TLC. 

Vibroacoustics Therapy    See further description on Services page
All matter vibrates, including the human body.  Because our body is comprised mostly of water (70%), and water conducts vibrational frequencies, those frequencies when introduced to the body may benefit the body by restoring healthy resonance.  There are many conditions, ranging from circulatory problems to asthma and long term chronic conditions, that may be treated successfully by a trained VAT therapist (Dawn Collins).  Visit (my trainer) as well for more information.

Voice and Sound-Based Healing (Individual or Group)

Native American Style Flute - The Native American style flute is a user friendly instrument and easy to learn how to play.  The mellow tones are relaxing to listen to and the pentatonic scale is easy to learn for all ages.  The NA flute is wonderful for breath awareness, expanding your breath control, and meditative concentration.  It is also very entertaining and tunes can be improved or played from a diagram-type tablature.  Private and group instruction available as well.

Vocal/Instrumental - A customized session adapted to the needs of the client(s) that may utilize voice, therapeutic tuning forks, singing bowls, percussion instruments, a Freenote Wing, shruti box, ting sha, or other musical instrument.  Group workshops may include some historical information about sound healing, definition of sacred sound, introduction to mantra and chant, and/or an interactive toning experience.   Individual session - typically 1 hour; group session - 2 hours minimum

Performance, Educational and Entertainment Services

Homeschoolers Services!  Expressive Art and Music

Small groups of no more than 6 (six) children can engage in an art activity for 1 to 2 hours that includes a variety of planned art forms (collage, painting with varied materials (watercolor, markers, acrylics, oil pastels, chalk pastels, etc.) , marbling, blots, moldable sand "habitats," storytelling, poem writing with prompts, movement to music (props-ribbons, parachute, scarves), songs with puppets & instruments, etc.   For children under 5, the session will be one hour.  For children from age 5 and up, an art session may be scheduled for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Talk to me about frequency and more specifics.   Minimum fee is $10 per child in a group of six.

Wedding Ceremony Vocals with Instrumental Accompaniment

Birthday and Special Event
Musical entertainment for forty-five minutes to one hour!  We can do mixed ages or adapt our format to the majority of your guests.  For children, everybody wins at our musical games!  Depending on type of party, rhythm instruments may be played by guests or a sing-a-long may be included, even a get up and Move Your Booty!  

Daytime Entertainment & Holiday Parties for Seniors
One hour programs suitable for independent living seniors, nursing homes, retirement centers, and assisted living communities.  

O Let's Make Music Song, Movement & Rhythm
for Preschool & Early Elementary Age Children & Their Parents
(Optional Themed Story or Arts & Craft Component)
Forty-five minutes to one hour plus of active participation in songs in mixed tonalities and rhythms and ethnic background.  Movement is both small (hand and seated small gestures in the body) to large (standing, dancing, walking, trotting, bouncing, jumping, etc.).  Over 12 different types of percussion instruments, along with assorted props and puppets.  
World Music Series (1 1/2 hours; May Be Series)
A tour of world music from regions of Africa, the Orient, East and Mid-East, Celtic Countries, Major European, Australia & New Zealand, and lastly, the U.S.A. and Canada, concentrating on the traditional music from each region rather than the popular trendy music of today.  Instruments from various regions are displayed and demonstrated and songs from their countries of origin are taught whenever possible.  This is an interactive class with group participation highly encouraged! 

Music Appreciation Series (Minimum of 8 Classes 1 1/2 hours each)
(Laptop, portable sound and projection equipment are used.)
From the Middle Ages through 20th Century, major composers, some facts about their life, and their well-known compositions are studied as well as the styles and techniques and instrumentation.  Pictures of major art compositions are shown, which reflect how art informs music and vice versa.  Comments from participants at Avila Retirement Community, Albany, NY: "Very enjoyable program, especially geared to our experience and lifetime."  "A broad spectrum of different kinds of music and composers, some of which we were familiar with and always enjoyed, and some really strange to us and informative." 

Acoustic Guitar and Mountain Dulcimer (Private Lessons)
Individual lessons for 1/2-1 hour, once per week, include theory, rhythm, and fretboard knowledge.  All ages.

Programs designed to suit your special event or celebrations:  Museums, Libraries, Historical Events

 We are happy to provide a customized program at your request.
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